I’m a machine learning developer with a dream of creating AGI. I have a love for reinforcement learning and have recently acquired a passion for generative models.

My motto: My machine doesn’t learn unless I do

Speaking Engagements:

  • Upcoming Presentation. AI and Data Science in Trading. March 2020
  • Keynote Presentation: Machine LearningAnalyzing New Data Sources for Investment Decisions. CAiP West. November 2019
  • Thought Leaders in Machine Learning: Applying Machine Learning to Quant Finance. machineByte. December 2018
  • Using AI to Enhance Asset Allocation Strategy. Quant World Canada. November 2018
  • Reinforcement Learning Applied to Poker and Financial Markets. Institutional Investor: Innovation in Investment. July 2018
  • AI Bootcamp. Institutional Investor: Roundtable for Public Funds. April 2018

Media Interviews: